The Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) was founded in 1951 to meet the pressing need of supervising and regulating medical practice in Brazil. Based in Brasilia, it seeks to fulfill its duties in a transparent, ethical and professional manner.

However, the constant changes in the medical profession in Brazil led to new challenges and the need to go beyond. The institution developed new expertise and improved its management, positively impacting the quality of medical services provided to the population.

In its long history, CFM has always been committed to defending good medical practice and, at the same time, working to ensure the health of Brazilian society, adopting a dignified and competent healthcare policy.

As a result, communication between the Council, physicians and society has become key to creating a healthy relationship among everyone. CFM has made available its data, resolutions, documents, publications and communication platforms, which are open to receive suggestions, complaints and even reports of possible violations of ethical behavior in the profession.

To further strengthen its relationship with society and the medical community, CFM provides a few activities and a number of important services for the benefit of health care in Brazil, such as:


The main scientific meetings of each medical specialty are disclosed on the CFM website.

Legal Advice

CFM has a legal department prepared to ensure good medical practice.


The most complete and specialized collection in the areas of medical ethics, bioethics and medical law. Requests to consult material:

General medical register

The medical register is simple and practical. It allows doctors to issue annuity payment slips, update addresses, request registration certificates and obtain all services required for professional licensing.

Continuing medical education

To help professionals seeking to interact with medical areas, CFM provides videos of series on bioethics, Brazilian medicine and medical practices. Requests of videos:


Practical access to all legislation related to the medical field: opinions, resolutions, laws and decrees, Code of Medical Ethics and Code of Ethical and Professional Disciplinary Procedures.

CFM Publications Aiming to disseminate knowledge and keep the medical community updated, CFM publishes Medicina newspaper every month and Revista Bioética journal every four months, which are distributed free of charge to doctors and educational institutions. Registration to receive the publications: or

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